Mammoth Underground

In the heart of Central Queensland, within Coronado Global Resources’ Curragh Complex, the Mammoth underground mine is emerging. Mammoth Underground’s journey is deeply rooted in Queensland’s rich mining history, where over a century ago, the region saw the early beginnings of a mining era that would survive until today.

Early pioneers overcame the challenges and hardships of the day to discover and name the Mammoth Coal Seam. These early endeavours, characterised by resilience and innovation, are setting the stage for the journey ahead. Mammoth Underground Bord and Pillar mine stands as a tribute to the past and a bridge to the present, a testament to enduring strength and unity. In every aspect of our work, the spirit of the mammoth – symbolising strength, community, endurance and cooperation lives on, as do the pioneers of the Mammoth Seam.

An Industry Leading Partnership

The Mammoth Underground mine is owned by Coronado Global Resources and, subject to contract finalisation, will be operated by Eclipse Mining Pty Ltd. This partnership marks a significant milestone in building a lasting foundation for the mine’s long life. As we embark on this incredible journey, we are actively seeking the best in class to join us.

We are looking for individuals who are not just looking for a job, but a purpose; not just a position, but a passion, not just a group, but a world-class team. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a bright new talent, if you share our commitment to excellence and sustainable resource extraction, Mammoth Underground is where we can make our mark together.

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